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Matthew DiVito, a motion graphics designer and aspiring game developer has created a selection of stunning animated GIF‍s. Do you remember the animated GIF? They used to put in an appearance on every website.1  They often depicted men at work (this site is under construction) and other inane topics in a cartoon-like, clip-art style. They looked dreadful and, thankfully, all but disappeared from the Web as content producers grew more sophisticated.

Well Matthew’s produced a wide selection of animated GIF‍s and these babies are nothing like their 90’s counterparts, as the example below illustrates. See the complete collection on Matthew DiVito’s website.

  1. Not long after I wrote this animated GIFs came right back into vogue, in a major way. At the time of writing, they’re all over the web once more. Fortunately they are closer to DiVito’s interpretation of the medium, rather than the animated clip-art we used to endure. ↩︎