QR Code contains TinyURL of this article.I Love Your Site, But…

So began the email from Michael Silber. Not a great subject line to encounter, the “but” is so ominous. I clicked through and read on:

…there’s a horizontal scrollbar on the home page.

Any breakpoint where you have .hero { width: 100vw; } you can add

.hero { max-width: 100%; }

and that will fix it right up.

Strangely I was unable to replicate the issue in any browser. But Michael had included a screen-capture in his email, so I was able to verify that there was a glitch.

I applied Michael’s fix and he was kind enough to check again, but the bloody scrollbar was still visible. I scratched my head for a minute or two then, with no better ideas, I flushed the CloudFlare cache. It worked. Michael confirmed that the scrollbar was no longer visible at his end.

Back when I started building for the Web, in the late-nineties,1 it was common to receive emails like this one. We — creators of those early websites — were eager to share knowledge and keen to communicate with strangers. It was all part of the Internet culture. Michael’s email made me feel all nostalgic for those early days, when almost every byte committed to the server was an experiment.

So I thank you Michael Silber for taking the time to get in touch; for pointing out a bug I wasn’t even aware of; and for furnishing me with a fix. You’re a superstar buddy.

By the way, if you’re a WordPress developer, Michael has a great WordPress-centric weblog I recommend you check out.

  1. Probably before some of you were even born. Gasp. ↩︎