QR Code contains TinyURL of this article.macOS: Closing the Gap with Moom

I use Many TricksMoom application to handle window management on macOS. Moom provides for complete control over a window’s size and position, based upon a user-defined grid. It’s also controllable entirely from the keyboard, which suits my needs perfectly.

One of Moom’s tricks is “move and zoom to full screen” which works the same way as macOS’s maximise control (option+click a window’s full-screen widget) except that it can be keyboard driven.

However, Moom’s “move and zoom to full screen” shares a niggling “feature” with macOS’s maximise: it leaves a small gap between the window and screen edge — on the Dock side — when one uses an automatically hidden Dock, as I do. It looks like this:

screen capture illustrating the gap on the macOS Dock edge when maximising a window

So, not exactly a maximised window then. This has always irritated me, until today. By chance I learned that Moom has a hidden switch, controlled via the command-line, that instructs the software whether or not to ignore this Dock clearance zone:

defaults write com.manytricks.Moom "Ignore Dock" -bool YES

Boom! That irritating gap is no more. Now “move and zoom to full screen” does exactly what I expect and positioning smaller windows to the Dock edge also ignores the gap.

It’s a small thing really, but it makes all the difference in the world.