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man looking across a lake to a mountain range

The year 2015 comes to a close today. It seems to be traditional for weblog authors to finish out the year with a summary post, so I’m adding my own into the mix.

It’s fair to say that the biggest event of my year was a new job and associated relocation to the Isle of Man. Starting a new job is nerve-wracking at the best of times. Having to also make a new home, in a place where you know nobody, only amplifies the potential for stress.

In my case, family, friends and my new colleagues made the transition easy and painless. I am fortunate to have found a position within a really great company, filled with some of the most dedicated, talented, resourceful and single-minded people I have ever worked with. Alongside that, I am living on a beautiful island which, for the most part, manages to remain unaffected by the ills of the world.

The simple truth is, I am happier and more content now than I have ever been. My decision, at the end of 2014, to accept a job offer on the Isle of Man has turned out to be one of my best.

Now a new year beckons and its promise excites me. I’d like to wish, for each and every one of you, a happy 2016. May all your dreams come true.