Perpetual βeta Privacy Policy

I operate this website under the assumption that my visitors value their privacy as much as I do mine.

This website collects only minimal data about you and your visit: limited to that which is recorded in the standard Apache access logs.

  • I do not use tracking services;
  • I do not use affiliate programmes;
  • I do not use Google Analytics;
  • There are no hidden pixels or other sleight of hand tricks;
  • There are no social media widgets;
  • I do not collect geographic location data.

The Perpetual βeta is available via a secure, encrypted (TLS) connection by default. DNS integrity is verifiable with DNSSEC.

Cookies: This website issues two cookies. The load-balancer at the origin server requires the first. CloudFlare manages the second for “site security operations.” Neither of these reveal anything useful to me.

So browse this website secure in the knowledge that I’m not watching you. Nor am I sharing your details with any third party. Your privacy is respected and 100% guaranteed here.