Who Made This?

That would be me, Jonathan Hollin (@__DarkBlue), a software developer and hacker who has been creating content on the Internet since the mid-’90s.

What is Perpetual βeta?

This website is a collection of my ramblings. I write about programming and web-development (but I frequently digress).

Why Perpetual βeta?

It’s the most appropriate description of what this website is. I am an inveterate tinkerer and the Perpetual βeta is one of my favourite playthings. I frequently try new ideas out here and I am always experimenting with something or other (usually behind the scenes). Thus this website is a perpetual beta, never complete, never getting close to Version 1.0, always in a state of flux… and long may it remain that way.

It’s Alive!

Most of the Perpetual βeta’s pages are “living documents.” That is, they are subject to frequent revision. Thus, even though the publish date of a page might be some time in the past, the information contained within might be more up-to-date than is immediately obvious. If in doubt, refer to the “last modified” time-stamp of a page.

Macbook on a desk, with an external monitor
My WorkspaceCredit: . License: CC BY-NC 4.0

How’s It Built?

I manage this website with my faithful MacBook and the following tools:

I have designed the site with a minimal footprint and for high performance. It should be equally usable whether you’re on a desktop computer or your cell-phone. The pages should validate as HTML‍5. I have used JavaScript for an enhanced user experience but the site is entirely functional without it.

The servers deliver Perpetual βeta over TLS on HTTP/2. DNS integrity is verifiable with DNSSEC.

Sharing & Caring


The views and opinions expressed within these virtual pages are my own and are not necessarily shared by my family, employer, friends, colleagues, casual acquaintances, or that girl I was chatting with at the bus stop this morning.

They are also subject to change at any time, and without warning.

I harmed no electrons in the production of this website. Sadly however, I cannot say the same for the billions of molecules of caffeine that I thoughtlessly consume while working on it.

Email Me

You can contact me by email at: (plain text preferred).

My PGP key fingerprint is:
AA93 EA76 74E0 350E 555A 3003 5719 7D86 7A23 F11F.

Jonathan Hollin