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the weblog of Jonathan Hollin: software developer; technologist; photographer; super-hero and eccentric billionaire*

* Okay, the bit about being a billionaire is not really true! ☺︎

The New Shiny Thing

Service workers, progressive web apps, fault tolerance… these are some of the terms that will dominate discussion around the next generation of websites. I decided to have a little play.

I Love Your Site, But…

An email from a kind stranger contains a patch that fixes a bug on the Perpetual βeta website. A bug that I didn’t even know was there.

The Trawler: № 9

Welcome to the ninth installment in my world-famous and universally loved Trawler series: where I curate the best of the best of my Internet finds, then lovingly polish and share them for your: enlightenment; amusement; enjoyment; ridicule (pick one).

Are We There Yet?

Get a system notification when a long-running shell task is complete, but only when the terminal window does not have focus.

The Practical Developer

A brief review/critique of Ben Halpern’s The Practical Developer, a website “devoted to helping programmers stay informed and make the best possible decisions on a day to day basis.”

Everything Is Broken

A classic from Quinn Norton. Everything Is Broken is a thought provoking and alarming essay. It frightens me to consider just how fragile the technologies we rely on really are.

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