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OS X: Reactive Ransomware Protection

Unless you’ve been living under an ‘infosec rock’, you’re likely aware that ransomware is somewhat of a problem — to put it mildly. There are already claims that “2016 is shaping up as the year of ransomware” and that “this is basically becoming a national cyber emergency.” And everywhere one looks, ransomware-related articles, tweets and even FBI bulletins abound.
— Patrick Wardle

The Trawler: № 7

Welcome to the seventh installment in my world-famous and universally loved Trawler series: where I curate the best of the best of my Internet finds, then lovingly polish and share them for your: enlightenment; amusement; enjoyment; ridicule (pick one).

How to Fix Your Local Apache Web Server When an OS X Update Kills It

I upgraded OS X to the latest version and it broke my local instance of Apache because Apple, for reasons known only to themselves, replace an existing httpd.conf with a new one. Fortunately the damage is easy to repair.

The Curious Case of TLS and the Missing Referrers

A recent link on Hacker News results in this sleuthing investigator heading out on a quest to find the missing HTTP referrer headers of the world-famous and highly revered Perpetual βeta website. After a relentless pursuit of truth and justice, your host finds the missing headers and restores law and order to the blogosphere.

Why Do I Blog?

In which a colleague asks me why I blog and I don’t immediately have a good answer to hand.

Visions of the Future

I have been looking for artwork for my flat ever since I moved in, over a year ago. I considered abstract art, movie posters, geek posters… but nothing totally appealed to me, until now.

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