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Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro

The fruit company introduces a revised — and heavily priced — MacBook range. She makes no mention of upgrades to her desktop line, leaving the developer community frustrated… and vocal. Some users talk of abandoning the platform. Others question whether or not Apple has lost the plot. There’s a palpable sense of discontent. Did Apple take a wrong turn?

macOS Security Essentials

We take a look at some basic security tools you can install on your Mac. Better safe than sorry.

I’m Such a Geek

Unashamedly, unapologetically, uncompromisingly, unreservedly a geek, pure and simple.

The Trawler: № 10

Welcome to the tenth installment in my world-famous and universally loved Trawler series: where I curate the best of the best of my Internet finds, then lovingly polish and share them for your: enlightenment; amusement; enjoyment; ridicule (pick one).

Bulletproof, Firewall-busting SSH Back to Your Computer

A detailed article in which we discuss setting up a fault tolerant, reverse SSH tunnel to a target computer. This enables us to login to a terminal shell on that machine regardless of NAT or firewall.

The New Shiny Thing

Service workers, progressive web apps, fault tolerance… these are some of the terms that will dominate discussion around the next generation of websites. I decided to have a little play.

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