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The Trawler: № 8

Welcome to the eighth installment in my world-famous and universally loved Trawler series: where I curate the best of the best of my Internet finds, then lovingly polish and share them for your: enlightenment; amusement; enjoyment; ridicule (pick one).

Blocking Facebook on OS X

Facebook begins tracking non-users around the Internet and I get all upset and decide to retaliate… using PF, the packet filtering firewall, to block all traffic from my computer to any Facebook IP address.

Objective2 Headphone Amplifier and ODAC

I take delivery of an Internet legend, the Objective2 desktop headphone amplifier. Music never tasted this good before.

Silky-Smooth Image Loading

Progressively load images — à la Medium — using a combination of JavaScript and CSS, with a graceful fallback for non-JS browsers.

The Circle is Complete

The integrity of the DNS of the Perpetual Beta domain is now verifiable following my introduction of DNSSEC to the security stack.

Responsive Images Without Browser Reflow

We’re all familiar with that annoying shuffle of content as images and other elements progressively load. In this article we explore a technique that eliminates the pain of a DOM repaint, once and for all… and the Internet rejoices.

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