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This Old Geezer Joined the PlayStation Generation

I’ve previously proclaimed myself a non-gamer on this website. I say this as I haven’t spent a prolonged period of time gaming since my teens or early twenties. That recently changed with the introduction of an Apple TV 4 followed by a Sony PlayStation 4 into my hardware collection.

The Trawler: № 6

Welcome to the sixth installment in my world-famous and universally loved Trawler series: where I curate the best of the best of my Internet finds, then lovingly polish and share them for your: enlightenment; amusement; enjoyment; ridicule (pick one).

Faster, More Secure Safari Browsing at the Press of a Key

With a keyboard shortcut to disable the JavaScript interpreter, web-browsing becomes instantly faster, more private and more secure… and the trade-offs aren’t too bad.

2015: My Year in Review

My 2015 was a year of massive change in my personal and professional life. But it turned out just fine — one of my best in fact — and I finish the year on a high.

How To: Maintain Foreground Contrast on Variable Background Colours with Sass

Using Sass, we can programmatically write CSS. With conditional statements we have an ifthenelse construct with which we can change values dependent on a state. Thus, we can use Sass to render light text on dark backgrounds and vice versa.

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