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Everything Is Broken

A classic from Quinn Norton. Everything Is Broken is a thought provoking and alarming essay. It frightens me to consider just how fragile the technologies we rely on really are.

Ogres Have Layers

A brief exposé: peeling apart the layers of the image stack I am using to make image rendering just a little bit more pleasant for visitors to the Perpetual βeta website.

Load JavaScript Conditionally, with Feature Detection

For the briefest of moments I mourn the loss of HTML conditional statements for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. But the modern equivalent — feature detection — is more versatile and not restricted to any particular web-browser. Definitely the way to go.

JavaScript: Does Node Exist in the DOM?

One often needs to determine if a node exists in the DOM in order to perform some action on that node without generating an error. My new superhero — node.contains() — comes to the rescue.

Perpetual βeta, Now With Extra Oomph

Following a heads-up from a quick-link Jeremy Keith posted on his website, I have deployed Basecamp’s Turbolinks™ JavaScript library on this website… and the performance boost is compelling to say the least.

Safari Is Not the Only Browser in the World

In which the author makes a schoolboy error: changes the flexbox layout and neglects to check it in Chrome — probably the most widely used web-browser on the planet.

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