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* Okay, the bit about being a billionaire is not really true! ☺︎

A Little Privacy Please

A brief review of the Stark privacy filter for Apple MacBooks. Privacy and a matte screen, for the win. But it comes at a price and with a couple of annoyances.

WTF is Wrong with My Service Worker?

An appeal for advice in debugging an issue with a service worker, which I have been unable to resolve. Help me Internet, you are my only hope.

The Perpetual βeta Got a Search Engine

In which I scratch and old itch and deploy a client-side search engine on the static Perpetual βeta website: with the help of a sprinkling of JavaScript and a small JSON file.

TLS Adoption is Growing, Fast

A long-overdue, periodic housekeeping tasks reveals an amazing shift from an unsecured HTTP Web to a more secure TLS one. About time too.

Thoughts on the Late 2016 MacBook Pro

In which I write about my experiences with the late 2016 15″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

tl;dr (probably) the best computer I’ve ever owned, despite its flaws and its ridiculous price.

macOS: Fixing an Auto-hide Dock Bug

I love it when a hack enables me to rid my system of an annoyance. In this case, a macOS issue that results in the Dock occasionally failing to auto-hide when selecting a full-screen application.

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