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macOS: Fixing an Auto-hide Dock Bug

I love it when a hack enables me to rid my system of an annoyance. In this case, a macOS issue that results in the Dock occasionally failing to auto-hide when selecting a full-screen application.

macOS: Closing the Gap with Moom

“How long has it been able to do that?” Today I learned that Moom has a hidden switch that rids it of a persistent annoyance. How did I not know about this?

Adding Survivability to macOS Applications

With a sliver of macOS system hacking, it’s possible to make your must have applications almost indestructible. Following a crash, macOS can restart your critical software without delay… and that can be invaluable.

The (Mostly) Green Dot

In which I use the BitBar application to render an at-a-glance network security status indicator in my macOS menu bar.

Apple’s 2016 MacBook Pro

The fruit company introduces a revised — and heavily priced — MacBook range. She makes no mention of upgrades to her desktop line, leaving the developer community frustrated… and vocal. Some users talk of abandoning the platform. Others question whether or not Apple has lost the plot. There’s a palpable sense of discontent. Did Apple take a wrong turn?

macOS Security Essentials

We take a look at some basic security tools you can install on your Mac. Better safe than sorry.

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