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Racking Mac Pros

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Apple Mac Pros in a custom 19&inch; rack-mount chassis
Credit: .

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Kickstarter Troika

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I recently received three products that I sponsored through the Kickstarter funding platform.

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Island Life

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Port Mooar near Maughold in the Isle of Man
Port Mooar near Maughold in the Isle of ManCredit: . License: CC BY-SA 3.0

As 2014 drew to a close, I received an intriguing email via LinkedIn, the business-oriented, social network. This one, like innumerable others, invited me to consider a new software development position.

However, this email didn’t follow the usual recruiter boilerplate. It came directly from the employer. It had a friendly tone. There was a little ego-boosting flattery. Most importantly though, it was obvious that the employer had actually considered my particular skill-set — a small detail you might think, but it makes a heck of a lot of difference to a company’s credibility in my eyes.1

There was also the tantalising suggestion of a relocation to the Isle of Man.

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